200 million people visit at least one Instagram store every day. The activity of commercial Instagram accounts is 18 times higher than that of Facebook. Instagram has long ceased to be a social network where people only share photos and videos. Today you can create an Instagram store on this platform, and get an additional or main channel for sales. How to open an online store on Instagram, how to design an Instagram page and how to promote an Instagram store? Read on and find out the answers to all these questions.

Instagram Shop: How to Connect a Business Account to Instagram

First, you need to figure out how to connect a business account on Instagram. Everything is quite simple. But first, make sure you have a Facebook page. You will need it to create an Instagram store and work with it in the future. And so, how to connect a business account on Instagram? Go to “Settings”, click “Account” – “Linked accounts” – “Switch to professional account”. Your profile will automatically connect to your Facebook page. Choose a product category, enter contact information and come up with a name so that your Instagram store stands out among the competitors.

Now you need to fill the page with content: fill in the profile header, upload the logo, photos of the products and their descriptions. Later, using examples, we will analyze in more detail how to design an Instagram page, in order to increase the number of orders. An Instagram store with business profile features has many advantages. For example, you will have access to statistics: you can track how effectively publications work, how big the coverage in Stories is, which posts are viewed and liked more often.

Profiles of the companies automatically gain access to advertising tools. With their help, you can launch advertising campaigns. You can learn the way to do it yourself from Instagram, or through the Facebook advertising cabinet from our video on the YouTube channel. If you like watching marketing videos in Ukrainian, subscribe to the Marchenko Marketing channel, to support Ukrainian YouTube and watch interesting content.

Another plus is that your Instagram store will have additional functions. For example, “Communication Buttons” will appear. Users will be able to click on your contacts and immediately write to or call your Instagram store.

How Can You Choose a Niche for the Instagram shop to Sell Successfully

If You are new to business and are just beginning to be interested in the topic of retail on the Internet, in particular, how to open an online store on Instagram, analyze popular niches for sale, and only then wonder how to design an Instagram page. Very often everything happens the other way around. You can view the most frequent user queries in Google Trends –  a very helpful tool for online business.

Which Goods are to Be Sold on Instagram?

The popular goods on Instagram – are clothes, accessories and cosmetics. These can be everyday things and shoes, small things for the home, sports equipment and things with an unusual design. If you want to really make money, your Instagram store should sell popular and high-margin products. If you solve these two questions, consider that by 70% you already know how to open an online store on Instagram and how to promote goods in an Instagram store.

Pay attention to children’s products. Mothers on maternity leave usually don’t have time to go to stores, so they buy online – in 2020, the number of orders for children’s products on the Internet increased by 82%. Your Instagram store can sell everyday goods – baby food, clothes, carriages. Or it can sell unusual goods as well, for example, handmade books, educational toys, coloring wallpapers or something similar.

Home and repair products are another niche that should be looked at when choosing products for the Instagram store. Sales in this area increased by 77% over the past year. Decorative items that make the house cozy are especially good-sold – tableware, soy candles, plaids and home perfumes. In 2021, online orders for auto goods increased by 52%. You can sell spare parts or accessories to provide traits of individuality to cars.

How to open an online store on Instagram if the budget is very limited? Flowers are a good start for start-up entrepreneurs. You may rent a warehouse where bouquets will be stored, instead of opening an offline point.

Don’t like to read? Watch the video on how to create and promote an Instagram shop.

Instagram shop: How to Design an Instagram Page

Designing an Instagram profile is the first step, which depends on whether the client will be interested or not. Next, you will learn how to design an Instagram page. But if You do not want to deal with the design and promotion of the Instagram store in person, You can order SMM promotion from our agency.

How You Can Choose a Name for an Instagram Shop

Choose a simple and clear name that relates to the subject of your business, is easy to remember and read. Avoid metaphors, complex phrases and complex words. Good examples: ohuenocom – youth clothing brand, bodo_ua – gift certificates, seuvi.ua – cosmetics. If your Instagram store has a two-word name, you can separate them with an underscore or a period – vogue_ukraine, seuvi.ua. You may use words, which are written together. But then make sure that the title makes it clear what you are selling. For example, sobiclub. It is also worth considering that the desired profile name may be already in use and You will need to be creative.

2. Profile Photo

You can put your brand logo, company name or the commodity You sell on the main profile photo. The main thing is that the avatar of the store reflects the essence. Therefore, avoid stock images. When choosing the main photo, consider that the optimal image size is 150×150. And if you use a font, make it large and legible. Do not choose handwritten fonts – they are difficult to read.

How to open and promote an Instagram shop

3. Profile Header: Cause People Falling in Love With the Instagram Shop at First Sight

This is your sales proposition. Use keywords that customers can use to find your Instagram store. For example, tasty and healthy eco-marshmallows, handmade soy candles, sleep products, clothes for children. If sales are focused on a specific city or region, specify it in the name. Then users will be able to find your account if they enter the name of the city in the search engine. For example, custom-made cakes in Kyiv, handmade jewelry in Lviv, sporting goods in Kharkiv.

4. Profile Description

How to design an Instagram page if You have 180 characters for your profile description? To tell about yourself and attract a buyer. The description is read by a cold audience that is just getting to know your product. Write briefly:

  • what You sell
  • where You are located if you have retail stores
  • terms of delivery
  • information about discounts and new collections

5. Addressable Unit

Does Your Instagram store have a website? In this block, You can place a link thereto and a physical address of the offline point, if You have one. Instagram allows You to open the address in maps, so the user can immediately see the location of the store.

6. Communication Buttons

Users can contact You by phone, mail or any convenient messenger, by dint of communication buttons, and place an order. Your Instagram store will have more orders if you configure the appropriate buttons:

  • click on “Edit profile”
  • choose “Ways of communication”
  • enter Your mail, phone number or WhatsApp Business number and address

8. Pinned or Relevant Shop

These are the highlighted stories that appear as circles above your posts. Making them is simple: first publish the story, then click “Pin to relevant” and select the desired folder for saving. If you have an Instagram store, what should you keep in the Relevant section? Stores usually leave important information for customers in fixed stories. Example:

  • how to place an order in the online store
  • terms of payment / delivery
  • reviews
  • store assortment
  • brand history
  • production backstage
  • novelties
  • answers to the most frequently asked questions of buyers

How to Design a Page on Instagram

Take good quality photos that will accurately reflect the brand philosophy. Instagram store, supplied with beautifully designed feed, has a better chance of selling a product. Since the user pays attention to the appearance in the first place. Each brand has its own special feature, which makes it stand out among the rest. Therefore, it is very important to know the way to design an Instagram page correctly.

You can take “lifestyle” photos and show people in a certain life situation. So far, the buyer will be able to “try on” your commodity and imagine how he will use it.

How to promote an Instagram store? Start with a frank conversation. When posting photos and stories, remember to be honest. Users want to see real people and life scenarios. Especially when it comes to reviews of products or services. This is confirmed by the Data Insight study: users trust the reviews of bloggers the least. But it was not enough to emphasize merely the visual component. It should be combined with high-quality text. Do not write ordinary announcements, comprised of one sentence – price, size, color. Try to talk to Your buyers through publications as well. Tell a story related to the product, wish them a good day, give a piece advice, ask how they are doing. When writing your text, follow these tips:

  • divide the text into paragraphs. One thought per one paragraph
  • put important points or key thoughts on a separate line
  • if you enumerate subjects or ideas, put them down through a list
  • do not overdo it with emoticons. When there are a lot of them, the text is difficult to read 

A good text + attractive visual – is a key to the successful promotion of products. We’ll set out the ways to promote an Instagram store underneath, for now let’s dwell on the other important elements of the online store on Instagram.

Instagram Shopping: What is It and How Can It Be Configured?

  • go to the Facebook page Commerce Manager
  • push the button “Create a shop”
  • choose the way to place an order
  • enter the website of Your online store
  • add countries and regions, whereto the goods will be delivered
  • download the product catalog. This can be done manually or automatically if You have a site on the platform Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, 3dcart, Storeden or Big Commerce
  • Submit your Instagram store for review. Once approved, a store icon will appear on your profile. If your account is not suitable for using Shopping Tags, the system will notify you thereof
  • Enable Instagram Shopping

After setting up, users will be able to scroll through your Instagram store in 1 click to go to the website of the online store and make a purchase or view the product catalog without leaving the platform. It is very convenient.

What Extra Features Do You Get? 

  • “Shop” tab in the profile. By clicking on it, users can find all the products that you have mentioned in the publications
  • Shopping Tags or product tags – product labels in posts. The user clicks on them and gets to the page with information about the product. From that point he can go to the website and make a purchase. This provides new opportunities for creating fresh ideas on the way to promote an Instagram store
  • product stickers in Stories. The tool is similar to product tags, but it should be kept in mind that the products are tagged through the posts, not stories
  • catalog or set – a section with separate categories of goods. For example, dresses, pants, suit coats
  • product card – product information: description, price, photos. There is a link to your online store’s website below the product description and a set of other products

How to Promote an Instagram Shop

We have already figured out the way to open an online store on Instagram, the way to design an Instagram page and the way to connect Instagram Shopping. Now let’s invent a way to promote an Instagram store, which would attract more customers and increase brand awareness.

At the beginning, we talked about the way to design an Instagram page and mentioned hashtags quite a bit. Now let’s dwell in more detail on how to promote an Instagram store using hashtags. Hashtags are clickable keywords or phrases separated by the # sign. The user can find a publication in the Instagram search with their help. And if a person subscribes to a hashtag, he or she will see the best posts with that hashtag in his/her feed. Hashtags can be put at the end of the text, comments or in the middle of the text, if they are suitable for the content. The optimal number of tags for one publication is around 10.

For now, stories are popular on Instagram, but they are gradually fading into the background. You can display the workflow in stories. For example, confectioners can show how products are baked, and clothing manufacturers can take a tour of a garment manufacture and show how a sewing shop works, how collections are designed, fabric colors are chosen, and clothes are sewn.

Another format of promotion in stories includes games, quizzes or quests. Here you can come up with anything: find differences or a puzzled word, decode a phrase, guess a character. Take Your cue from Your niche. For example, a book Instagram store can conduct quizzes and tests for subscribers, based on famous books and films. 62% of people became more interested in a brand or product after seeing its ad in Stories. So, do not ignore this format in the context of finding a way to promote an Instagram store.

Different programs can be used to design Stories. For example, “Canva”, “Nichi”, “Unfold”, “Life Lapse” and others. They have ready-made templates, so all You have to do is merely spend time on creating ideas. Another nice bonus: some programs have multiple features in the free version.

Many people use the storytelling format, in addition to the usual texts under the posts. Their point is telling stories about anything. This is usually done by bloggers to warm up the audience. Brands use storytelling to promote a product or service.

Post reviews in Your stories in order to increase the loyalty and trust of buyers in the brand. You can mark the users who left these reviews to prove their authenticity. You can share your experience with your subscribers. For example, women’s clothing manufacturer “Mollis” shoots a story with a stylist who selects looks and tells about the up-to-date things of the season. We should mention the online clothing store “Lichi”, as it shows the way to pose for photos.

How to shoot the Reels

A more advanced promotion tool that has already begun to displace stories are “Reels”. These are short vertical videos, an analogue of TikTok inside Instagram. A convenient place was allocated for Reels – a separate tab, where previously was a button for publishing posts. But Reels appear not only there, but in the profile, feed and recommendations as well. This is another great way to promote Your Instagram store and tell people about yourself.

You can show the product or behind the scenes of production, tell about the novelty, share the experience. You can simply shoot an entertaining video – show users that you are on the same wavelength with them.

Another Promotion Format for Instagram – Guides

This is a set of posts on any topic that can be made from Your publications. For example, it can be a selection of things for a certain case of life, a guide into goods, checklists, tips, instructions.

Collab-Posts on Instagram

Another interesting tool for promoting are Collab posts. They denote one post that exists in two blogs at once. It is a new way to increase the number of views and increase awareness for brands. For example, you can invite a well-known blogger to the Collab post and increase the activity on Your account.

How to Promote Instagram Shop Through the Use of Facebook-Ads

We talked about free ways, now let’s move on to more pragmatic methods of promotion. Targeted advertising is available to all business accounts in Instagram. With it, you can target people who are interested in Your product. And for more accurate hit, You can arrange a segmentation by the age, location and interests of the target audience.

You can customize your ad via Facebook and run it exclusively on Instagram platform. 1/3 of users buy products directly through advertising on Instagram. For example, “Samsonite” uses targeted advertising to cope with seasonality. On “Black Friday”, the brand opens a sale to regular customers a few days earlier. This is reported in the email or SMS-newsletters, wherefrom people get to the closed section of the site and buy goods for attractive prices earlier than anyone else would.

And for a similar audience, they launch an advertisement that will soon sell. Potential buyers go to the website of the online store and see a closed section, but with a return to sale. Then such users are caught up with a retargeting, which reminds of the beginning of the sale. Picnic product maker “Jarrkoff” prefers coverage advertising. This helps increase brand awareness and reach as many users as possible. You can read more about Jarrkoff  at the link.

How to Promote an Instagram Shop With the Help of Bloggers

You can also try to promote Your account with the assistance from bloggers. This method can bring in new customers – the audience mostly trusts opinion leaders and tries the products they talk about. A blogger can “pack” advertising in an interactive format, such as a challenge or marathon. This will further increase users’ interest in Your brand. We advise this channel only under condition, that it was carefully selected by the bloggers, in a very balanced way, because more and more often this channel loses efficiency. To avoid throwing money away, choose bloggers without accruing, with a live audience and good statistics on publications. You can search for bloggers yourself, by reviews or on special platforms.

Instagram Draw

Instagram draw, if used properly – is an effective tool for fast acquisition of the target audience with further ability to communicate with and sell products and services to them. Read more about the way to hold an Instagram draw in the article or watch the video below.

We hope the article helped you and answered the question of how to open an online store on Instagram, how to design a page on Instagram and how to promote an Instagram store. Have You got questions left or would You like to delegate business promotion online? Follow the link, choose a service and leave an application for a consultation.