Social Media Marketing

We provide a full range of services for business promotion in social networks

What Makes Us Different

We use a unique method of work

We work according to our own method of work, which allows us to widely reveal the creative potential of the team and ensure the desired result in Your project.

We hold regular brainstorming sessions with clients

Our goal is a fundamental understanding of the client’s business. Brainstorming is a great tool for achieving maximum immersion into the client’s business processes.

We create video and photo content for social networks

We form an optimal team of professional photographers, cameramen, cutters, copywriters and other creative experts for each project.

More than 8 years of experience in business promotion in social networks

Unique marketing knowledge, many years of experience and a creative approach to work – are our reliable basis for creating exciting projects.

We provide complex and local solutions for various budgets

Do you have a corporate company or a family business? Do You need comprehensive SMM promotion or just one service? We have got solutions for all cases.

We create animated publications for social networks

Namely the animation will add freshness and originality to Your content in social networks, as they’re so essential for attracting the attention of potential customers.

What Do You Get By Working With Us?

You can order from us both a single service and the entire complex listed below.


We Develop SMM Strategies

This is a key SMM document, determining the concept, implementation and effectiveness of social media promotion

  • We form the goal of promotion in social networks
  • We analyze competitors
  • We define the target audience
  • We outline the brand’s positioning and image in social networks
  • We prepare a concept for the photo shooting
  • We form a promotion mechanism
  • We determine reporting requirements and KPI

We Create Content For Social Networks

Professional photographers, videographers and content managers work on content creation

  • We develop a content concept
  • We conduct photo and video shooting
  • We write texts, taking into account the brand’s positioning and image
  • We create texts in a tone, corresponding to the language of communication of Your target audience
  • We create animated publications
  • We determine the best time for publication

We Manage The Brand Pages In Social Networks

We undertake the operational work for managing Your brands pages in social networks

  • We process the commentaries and the recourses from followers
  • We attract the audience to communicate with the brand
  • We convert customer inquiries into sales of Your product or service
  • We delete SPAM and messages, which are of no use to the target audience
  • We neutralize negative comments and feedbacks
  • We publish content
  • We analyze the key indicators of publications
  • We provide a report and recommendations to improve the results

We Set Up A Targeted Advertising

We find Your potential customers in social networks and show them specially designed advertising offers

  • We determine the interests of the target audience
  • We develop the concepts for advertising announcements, special offers and promotions
  • We create layouts and write texts for advertisements
  • We adjust advertisement to the target audience
  • We analyze the indicators of advertising campaigns
  • We provide a detailed report and recommendations to optimize the achievement of the result

We Work With Bloggers

Advertising with bloggers – is a powerful source of loyal target audience that can become Your customers

  • We find bloggers and undertake negotiations
  • We convey the goals and tasks of cooperation
  • We create and coordinate requirement specifications for integration
  • We monitor the working process
  • We analyze the result

Our Cases

We always focus on result while working, as evidenced by our successful cases

SMM + email-marketing = $15 000 for an online school in 40 days

56 places were sold over the 5 weeks of advertising campaign for the first round for the amount of $15 000. With the start of the first stream, admission for the second began. 53 application files were received therefore for the amount of $14 000.

Client received 5 400 € as a result of Fuck up with blogger

Once our cooperation with blogger got fouled-up. We sent a box of exotic fruit as a token of apologies. The blogger not merely published positive reviews about our client in proper stories for free for an audience of 240 000 followers, but also went on tour with him. The customer received 15 direct registrations through the use of the blogger’s promotional code, to the average check of 360 euro.

37 applications from Facebook, 1,9 $ each for advice on the purchase of tractors worth 17 000 €

Optimization of the target enabled the reduction of expenditure and effective use of the advertising budget. A step-by-step marketing funnel was developed, which allowed to minimize the cost of application from Facebook in a difficult niche.

We optimized the advertisement and the client-customer gained $2 600

The milestone KPI set — is to attract 10 000 followers to the Facebook page. The cost of one follower totaled 0.32 dollars at the start. We managed to reduce the cost to 0.06 dollars after optimizing the target. As a result, the client saved 2 600 dollars on the advertising budget.

892 registrations for bus tours with an average check of 360 euro

Our customer gained 25% from sales of all the registrations on our website over 16 months, through the use of social networks. Of them, 494 registrations were conducted from advertising posts on Facebook, 320 registrations from Instagram and 78 – from Telegram. The coverage of the target audience amounts to 7 322 717 persons. The number of publication views totals 18 091 402.


We’ve put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions, pertaining to the cost of services, settlement, agreement, working process and guarantees

If You didn’t find the answer to Your question, please, fill out the form below. We’ll contact You and answer all Your questions.

What is the cost of services and what are the payment methods?

The cost of the services depends on the volume and complexity of work. The payment is made to the settlement account in hryvnyas, US dollars or euro. You may pay the entire cost at the beginning of cooperation, or 50 % at the beginning and 50% after the execution of works.

How does the start of works occur?

After the initial interview and coordination of the CP, we prepare the agreement and make out an invoice for payment. The work on the project begins on the next workday after the transfer of funds.

What is required for delivery of an agreement?

The reference details are required for delivery of an agreement, along with the records necessary for negotiating the representative’s agreement. Thereafter we coordinate a digital version and sign an original copy.

How is the working process arranged?

The working process is arranged as transparently as possible, in close cooperation with the order-giver’s team. That is why we conduct joint brainstorming sessions to give You the opportunity to coordinate the content, publications and advertising announcements before they get published.

How can I obtain a personal commercial offer with prices?

Fill out the form. We will contact You, hold a brief telephone interview and prepare a personal commercial offer.

What kind of guarantees do we provide?

The professionalism of our team is guaranteed by successful cases, which You can familiarize Yourself with above, as well as by the multiannual experience of work in social networks.

Let’s create an incredible project together