Email Marketing With ROI to 9736%

We provide effective email marketing services for accelerate growth your business

Why Work With Us?

We create profitable projects with return on investment up to 9736%

Email marketing is one of the most profitable sources in digital marketing profitability up to 9736% as evidenced by our preliminary projects.

We run regular brainstorming sessions with our clients

Our goal is a deep understanding of the client’s business. Brainstorming session is a good tool to dive into the client’s business process to the fullest extent.

We perform nontypical and exceptionally challenging email marketing tasks

We undertake difficult tasks as we have a great experience in performing a wide range of various tasks and a required background.

Over 5 years we have been developing effective email marketing projects

We learned from the best, made mistakes and created successful projects. All this allowed our team to pick up a great deal of expertise and high qualification.

We find complete and local solutions for different budgets

Do you have a corporation or family business? Do you want to order email marketing as a whole or just one service? We have solutions for every occasion.

We use a unique method of work

Our work is based on our own method that allows to unfold full creative potential of the team and ensure a desirable result in your project.

Examples of Our Previous Works

We pay special attention not only to the effectiveness of the email strategy and the design of letters that you can see it in the video. You can find more cases in our portfolio.

Development of email strategy

We create a personal email newsletter strategy that, considering the specifics of your business, strengthen weak points and assist to unfold in full your potential and strong points

Creation of template design

We develop a template design for all next email according to your company’s brand book. This will make every next email a visually integral element of the brand strategy and help increase the company’s recognition

Regular email newsletters

Every month we make a schedule of email newsletters, help develop offers, special offers, create content, plan newsletters and analyze the results

Automation of email marketing

You pay once to set up automatic emails, and then the triggers work autonomously and bring you income. We can automate the sending of letters in response to any event on your web-site and CRM system. For example:

  • Welcome chain for new subscribers
  • Abandoned carts and views for online stores
  • Transaction letters (password change, payment letters, etc.)
  • Reactivation and reanimation of inactive subscribers

We extract your letters from SPAM folder

We set up the key post masters (Gmail, Яндекс ,, authentication, SPF record and DKIM-signature that allows you to highly extract letters from the SPAM folder and increase delivery

We help collect your own contact base

If you plan to order email marketing, we help properly organize the process of collecting a contact database and you will be able to immediately convert new subscribers into buyers

Our Cases

In our work we are always oriented to results as evidenced by our successful cases

Email per million. How we sold 2 tractors for 12 mln. by sending letters

Email marketing brought our client 2 sales for a total amount of 12 mln. rubles with a margin of 15%. Every ruble invested in email marketing brought the client 9736 rubles or in total 1800000 rubles of net profit.

An online store received 40,000 from one promotional email

An online store of construction goods with a base of 8,000 contacts received 40,763 rubles from one promotional mailing. There were 8 transactions with a conversion rate of 2.16%. In total 250 people followed the links in the letter, and the rejection rate is 2.3 times lower than the average for the web-site.

Email support for the "Efficient Production 4.0" conference

We developed a template design based on the company’s corporate style. The business processes were analyzed and the email strategy was developed. Welcome chain for new subscribers was prepared. We made a content plan of letters that fuel interest, and on-air letters for each day of the broadcast. We prepared letters with materials and survey letters to collect feedback.

SMM + email marketing = $15,000 for online schools for 40 days

For 5 weeks of promotional campaign 56 seats totaling to $15,000 were sold for the first stream. After the start of the first stream the enlistment for the second one was open. 53 applications for $14,000 were received for the second stream.


When you think to order email marketing for the first time, many questions arise. We have collected the most frequently asked questions concerning the cost of services, payment, contract, work processing and guaranties.

If you have not found the answer to your question, fill in the form below. We will contact you and give answers to all questions

What are the cost of services and payment methods?

The cost of services depend on the volume and complexity of works. The payment is made to the bank account in UAH, USD or Euro. You may pay the whole cost of services at the beginning of cooperation, or 50% at the beginning and 50% after the completion of works.

How does work start?

After the preliminary interview and approval of the commercial proposal we draw up a contract and issue a bill. Next business day after the credit of funds we start to work on a project.

What is required to sign a contract?

Necessary details of the company and contact details of the representative are required to sign a contract. Thereafter we agree upon a digital version and sign an original.

What is the structure of the business process?

The business process is developed most transparently and in close cooperation with the customer’s team. That’s why we run brainstorming sessions on a regular basis and provide the opportunity to agree upon a schedule of email newsletters and letters before sending.

How to get a personalized commercial offer with prices?

Fill in the form below. We will contact you, conduct a short interview and prepare a personalized commercial offer.

What guarantees do we provide?

The professionalism of our team guarantees successful cases that you can find above as well as multi-year experience in email marketing.

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